Ignorant musings on Ukraine

I was planning to get back to blogging, honest, but life has been busy. But here are a few thoughts about the topic on everyone's mind; they're not likely to be better than anyone else's. Practically speaking, it makes absolutely no difference how much I express...


100 years on from November 1922

The following is unashamedly partisan. There is a well-known TV current affairs talk show in the US called “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Just before Christmas my esteemed publisher and fellow-author CS (Caz) Woolley drew my attention to a Youtube excerpt from it, in which...


The guilty pleasure that is Bake Off

Many people took up new hobbies during lockdown, eighteen months ago. One young man (real name Will Chirag, but now known to millions as Chigs) decided to take up baking. On Tuesday 23rd November, he amazingly reached the final of the Great British Bake-Off, which is...


Children, science and climate change

Clearing out earlier this year, I came across my daughter’s old revision guide-books. These were produced by a company called CGP to condense the basic biology, chemistry and physics needed for her to pass Key Stage Three, and subsequently Core, Higher and Advanced science GCSE. Unlike...