How we battle climate change: a few ignorant questions

(Once again, apologies for lateness.) This week a fairly depressing and urgent IPCC report was issued  - see here: We can try to battle climate change by challenging the government and campaigning for better insulation, more wind farms etc. And/or we can try to battle climate change...


Children, science and climate change

Clearing out earlier this year, I came across my daughter’s old revision guide-books. These were produced by a company called CGP to condense the basic biology, chemistry and physics needed for her to pass Key Stage Three, and subsequently Core, Higher and Advanced science GCSE. Unlike...


Praying for COP 26

We all know, we’ve known for months, that something called COP26 is happening in November in Glasgow. (The Pre-COP conference is happening NOW in Milan.) How much more do we know? Until writing this post I didn’t even know what COP stands for ("Conference of the...