Commentary on the book of Job

I’ve recently been reading the book of Job. Everyone loves this book in theory, because it reassures us that it’s Biblical a) to notice that life isn’t fair, and b) for suffering people to resent being told to cheer up or repent; and because some of...


Politics and tennis

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a lack of reference to current affairs lately. This is partly because the intricacies of Brexit negotiation and government meltdown are too confusing for a simple person to follow; and partly because current affairs are currently almost...


Names in Ricossa and elsewhere, by SS

Regular readers of this blog's comments section will have become familiar with the thoughtful and thorough contributions of Stephen Sheridan. He somehow discovered the website and the concept of SWM in December 2017, and has been encouraging me and it ever since. His entry for...



As a dyed-in-the-wool Tolkien fan, I have read the Silmarillion, which covers arguably the whole history of Middle-Earth. It doesn’t just tell us the First Age legend of Beren and Luthien, and the Second Age drama of Numenor’s downfall. It also contains a delightful section...