A post in two halves

This post, like a football match, comes in two halves. A week today, we leave the European Union for a period of transition out. As readers of this blog know, I think this is a foolish and sad decision, but I may be wrong. But even...


Names in Ricossa and elsewhere, by SS

Regular readers of this blog's comments section will have become familiar with the thoughtful and thorough contributions of Stephen Sheridan. He somehow discovered the website and the concept of SWM in December 2017, and has been encouraging me and it ever since. His entry for...


Naming people in Ragaris

I apologise for the lack of a post last Friday - it was a busy weekend. The party to celebrate “The Tenth Province of Jaryar” was a very happy occasion, for me anyway, and I took the opportunity to announce a competition, which you are all...