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It does seem a long time since I drafted a post, and I can only apologise. Life is being rather busy at the moment, and I can’t think of anything particularly original to say about current events.

Some progress (still slow) is however being made on the fourth Tale from Ragaris, and so I’ve decided to provide an advert in the form of a sneak preview… in the form of a list of characters.

What do you think might happen to these people? Who might end up dead? (Mark Wallace is not allowed to play.)



  1. Those who gathered at the Swordwoman’s Song Inn, Bishopstown, on the evening of Monday 21st May 652 AL

Habbaroth, the innkeeper

Li, his daughter, the inn cook

Kai, her son, aged six

Garayn, stableman

Dorrid, kitchen servant


Lady Janika of the Jahaigrig

Tabett, her maid

Gabo, her bard and chamberlain

Lakker, her guard and groom


Daretti, elder from the Jahaigrig village of Empty Belly

Erret, her daughter

Joym, Erret’s baby

Rafad, Joym’s father


Rorash b’Shen, visiting from the East

Jixi, his daughter

Kiga and Johan, their servants


Sister Jehosheba, a priest

Prince Shar, Lady Janika’s married son


2. Other

Jaravith, King of Falli

Hagouna, Queen of Falli

Imming, a hostage

Sibri Knifegleam, Habbaroth’s dead wife, after whom the inn is named


(Those who’ve read previous Tales, beware! People on Ragaris reuse names, just as we do, and this habit is particuarly prevalent in Falli. So the Kai listed above is not Kai Kingsbrother from “We Do Not Kill Children.” But one of the characters listed has appeared before…)

Love from the PPI Blogger

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  • Stephen Hall

    26th June 2023 at 4:01 pm Reply

    Daretti’s malnourished family must be at risk, especially poor little Jaym.

    I’ve also recently been hearing about the murder of Rizzio, so I also fear for Gabo if there are any jealous husbands around.

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