Outburst of an unhinged technophobe

It is probably appropriate to start by reminding all readers the meaning of the title PPI Blogger  - Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant. I find our modern technological society very useful, of course, but also very frustrating. Please excuse the following outburst, not unrelated to the experience...


Victims of the author

Imagine that you are walking past a lonely graveyard at night, when you hear a terrifying shriek, improbably smell garlic or blood, and see white things flitting about. You run home as fast as you can, lock the door, and then start to wonder. What...


Delay and inconvenience

The other day I decided to buy fruit and vegetables, not at the supermarket, but at the local independent greengrocer and fishmonger that has stood on Beeston High St for over a century. It is a friendly and excellent local institution (pretty advanced in non-use...


My birthday presents

I boasted on Facebook that I was given eleven books for my birthday (thank you very much to the donors!) This is just as consumerist as boasting about any other item I have bought or someone has bought for me, but never mind. Many of...