The Kingdom of God

What does the Kingdom of God mean? During His earthly ministry, Jesus sent out disciples two by two by preach and heal. They preached “the gospel” and “the kingdom of God”, and I’ve always wondered about the content of their sermons, considering that Christianity and its...


David Wilson (1927-2000)

The BBC has an archive, some of which seems to be available online and on Facebook, and recently my cousin Calum Benison has been posting a few snippets showing 1960s news broadcasts about recent innovations in science. My interest in these has been mainly because...


An event last Friday

We live on a corner, we use the back (kitchen) door a lot, and the kitchen is easily visible from the garden. Perhaps for this reason, we’ve been burgled several times, and the most recent occasion was last Friday. The drill goes as follows: 11 pm...


Naming people in Ragaris

I apologise for the lack of a post last Friday - it was a busy weekend. The party to celebrate “The Tenth Province of Jaryar” was a very happy occasion, for me anyway, and I took the opportunity to announce a competition, which you are all...


Spoiling “Ordeal by Innocence”

(Warning: contains serious spoilers for “Ordeal by Innocence”, both the novel by Agatha Christie, and the TV adaptation scripted by Sarah Phelps.) Quite a few people who have nothing better to do than gripe on social media, like myself, have been expressing strong views about a...