Prime-time replacements for Paul and Prue?

Welcome back to the tent, writers!

Last week, the Great British Write-Off featured Romance in all its forms. Star Writer was, perhaps surprisingly, JK, and we had to say goodbye to Bernard. Today, for the first time, The Great British Write-Off is featuring an SF/Fantasy week.

So good luck, all of you!

First ,for your Signature challenge: William and Jane would like you to produce a short story that demonstrates your distinctive approach. It can be high or low fantasy, hard or soft SF, but it must also contain an element from another genre: for example police procedural or slapstick comedy. Your story should be not more than 3000 words long. You have two hours.


Your Technical challenge has been set by William. Any words of advice, William?

“You should a tale unfold whose lightest word harrows up the soul and freezes the young blood.”

Right. Thank you.

So your challenge is to produce a script for a Doctor Who episode (45 minutes) dealing with the anomalies of trying to change history. Each of you has been allocated a different Doctor to feature. The words “sonic screwdriver” should occur not less than two and not more than five times. Your story should be exciting and complete, and have a chilling last line. You have two hours.

(Next day)

Finally, your Showstopper. William and Jane want to see the denouement of your three-volume fantasy epic. It should follow the rules set down by the programme for denouements:

  1. The story should have set up a problem;
  2. The denouement solves the problem, in a way that is plain to see;
  3. But it solves it in an unexpected way, ideally after dashing the heroes’ hopes;
  4. The characters continue to act in character, and the development is plausible and morally acceptable;
  5. For full marks, the denouement makes the whole story richer, and gives us something extra to think about;
  6. It should obviously be exciting to read. For more detail see

and should also both thrill and satisfy, while also stretching the genre, challenging stereotypes, affirming life, prompting tears, and inspiring HBO to pour money into the adaptation.

You have six weeks.

Good luck to Hilary, Jojo, Kazuo, JK, Ian, Iain, Chimamanda, Danielle and James.

Get ready, get set, and WRITE!

(Do you think Sandi and Noel could cope?)

Love from the PPI Blogger

And thank you to those who’ve contacted me with PR suggestions and thoughts.

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