Not a proper post

I apologise for not providing a proper post this week; it has felt busier than usual in various different ways.

All I have to offer is:

a political thought: many people feel (post Brexit referendum) that any referendum instituting major constitutional change should set the bar higher than “over 50% wins, and it doesn’t matter how small a percentage of the electorate vote”. How does this relate to the proposed new referendum for Scottish independence, is anyone asking the question, and if not, why not? Surely it should be 60% of Scots in favour before the UK is broken up at the whim of (a percentage of) one section? I’m reluctantly compelled to concede that you probably can’t give the English, Welsh and Northern Irish a vote.

an etiquette conundrum: if you’re invited into someone else’s tidy house, and you think it’s proper or comfortable to remove your shoes, what do you do about the holes this will reveal in socks or tights? a) go ahead regardless; b) go ahead, apologising for sloppy dress; c) not remove shoes, unless you’re sure your toes will not be revealed; d) always carry spare tights in bag; e) this situation should never arise, because no civilised human being allows their wardrobe to get into such a state?

an observation: when I’m scared I get angry. When I get angry with someone, I ponder how I might react if they did something even worse than they’ve just done – this makes me dislike them for something that hasn’t happened. This is dangerous – I call it Imaginary Offence Escalation, in an attempt to stop myself doing it.

And now I should apologise for the overshare!

Normal service will be resumed next week, I hope.

Love from the PPI Blogger


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