Catching up

Hello my friends.

I apologise for the interruption in service – I believe many of you have not been receiving this blog since about x. It’s hoped that the problem is now rectified, so could one or two of you let me know if this has been received? Thank you.

The main items you’ve missed, to run through the contents list (and save me from writing another one till next week) is as follows:

24th March:  

Here I got a bit unsound about evangelism.

31st March:

Here I tried to address my Brexit grief.

6th April:

Here I overshared what I like or don’t like in fiction.

2nd June:

This was the official report on the WDNKC launch party at the Middle St Resource Centre. Some of you were there, and can tell how much I may be exaggerating.

Next week, I’ll try to get back on track with something new!

Love from the PPI Blogger

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