Tales from Ragaris Update 1 (with added PS)

Apologies to those who’ve already read this – it’s the Update (the first of its kind) I sent out to those on the mailing list yesterday. But I have added a note at the end.


Thank you for tuning in!

The news is that “The Tenth Province of Jaryar” has been approved, and is planned for release in early December. What do you want to know?

Well, it’s about an election.  There are two candidates, fifty-one electors, bribery, intimidation, blackmail and murder. There’s a female detective who makes accusations Poirot-style in a room full of suspects; there’s a first kiss; and there’s a mysterious prophecy for the characters and reader to make sense of.

It takes place about fifty years (49, to be precise) after the events of “We Do Not Kill Children”, in the land of Haymon.

As the Song of the Peoples describes it,

“From the green land of Haymon comes cheese and comes bread.

The flowers are fragrant, the people well-fed.

They vote for their rulers, a rare sight to see –

But they’ll lick any arses if that ‘has to be’.”

Or, more pithily – “Haymon, the country of flowers and cowards.”

(I always thought that legend and story are biased towards those who fight fiercely for their independence. Maybe the other point of view ought to be given an occasional airing.)

Cover is still in the process of being designed, but it should feature work by Ian Storer, whose fascinating historical art featured at the belated launch of WDNKC in May.

Watch out for publicity online and elsewhere!

www.penelopewallace.com; Facebook page Swords Without Misogyny


PS. Further info from the PPI Blogger:

It’s all very well to say “watch out for publicity”, but I’m not an expert publicist. Please note the following:

  • anyone who read/bought “We Do Not Kill Children” out of friendship, but decided it wasn’t quite their cup of mead, should not expect to have to read/buy “The Tenth Province of Jaryar.” Friendship has limits. Thank you anyway!
  • anyone on the other hand who did like it – well, I hope you’ll like the next one!
  • the assistance of anyone in the second category in spreading the word, eg by sharing Facebook posts, advising how to improve them, sticking up posters when the time comes, reviewing either book in the appropriate places, or whatever else you can think of, would be much appreciated!

Next week I’ll write about something else.


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  • Judith Leader

    29th September 2017 at 6:03 pm Reply

    I bought it out of friendship and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope your publicity won’t be so bad that you do not let is know when the next book launch is, I assume we can rule out 24/35/26 December

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