Miscellaneous in April

I missed a blog post last week, because:

Thought A: Well, here goes, let’s blog about the wedding of the century!

Thought B: Oops, didn’t I say when I started this blog that my family were off-limits? I did!

Thought C: OK, but a quick thought about weddings in general, and then about WDNKC, should be enough to tide me through this week;

Thought D: It’s Good Friday. I should be posting about that. Umm.

Thought E: I don’t really want to post about other stuff on Good Friday, but on the other hand I don’t feel comfortable sitting down to “holy” thoughts at the last minute, as if I’d forgotten my homework.

Thought F: Give this week a miss, then, lazy person.

So there you are.  Happy Easter.

I am not strong enough to post yet about the election, which is causing some gloom in this household. So instead today you can have the miscellaneous thoughts you nearly had last week:

Wedding related

When you announce that your daughter is getting married, there’s really only one question anyone asks. So here at last is the answer you’ve been waiting for: Yes, I eventually put together an outfit. A new grey jacket and skirt combination from Debenhams, a short-sleeved blouse with red and blue flowers on a white background (both new), a blue fascinator (half a hat that doesn’t actually cover the head) borrowed from a friend, blue and silver shoes and a blue and flower-patterned handbag (both already in the wardrobe). So I can’t say definitely if the bride wore “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, but her mother did. There are some photos on Facebook.

Of course it’s possible that the ubiquity of the outfit question was because no one trusted me not to turn up in slacks (is that a word these days?) and a Winter is Coming T shirt.

I was struck and moved by a lot of things on the lovely day. One was that well over 60 years ago Bill Wallace from Scotland married Audrey Nelson from Northern Ireland. Bill’s relations and Audrey’s relations of the next generation have met over the years, I suppose, at various funerals and weddings, and not otherwise. The trouble taken by one set of cousins to look after and get another set (elderly and infirm) to the airport when their taxi didn’t turn up, and also by the fun they obviously had with each other, showed the very strong and kind friendship that had grown up at these events, and was a glorious sight to see. I’d like to think this is a common occurrence.

Book thoughts

“We Do Not Kill Children” is having a rather belated “launch” party in Beeston on 26th May. You are all of course welcome, and encouraged to bring anyone you can drag. There is disabled access and parking at the centre, and a bus stop directly outside. There will be refreshments, and I will be dressing up.

This is the poster (before it was proof-read!):


A little while ago, I also launched a competition to name one of the major rivers of Ragaris, the one on which the Jaryari capital city of Makkera stands. The winning name will be announced at the party, and the prize will be that the name will be featured on maps and in the text of “The Tenth Province of Jaryar”, coming out in autumn, and the winning competitor will be name-checked in the Acknowledgements.  To give you a flavour, other rivers on the continent are the Vay, the Lither and the Poto. Feel free to have a go!

I’ll try and think of something new for next week…

Love from the PPI Blogger


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    25th April 2017 at 11:29 pm Reply

    The river Makk.
    And the outfit looked lovely.

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