An apology

This is just a note to advise that there will be no post on Friday 8th, as the blogger will be in the Lake District.

In the meantime, “The Servant’s Voice” has been sent off to the publisher.

What shall I write next? Any suggestions?

Love from the PPI Blogger

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  • Malachi Malagowther

    6th February 2019 at 2:48 pm Reply

    If you want a challenge you could perhaps try interpreting the dreams of Nebuchanedzer’s political descendents. I believe the EU leaders had a dream of Europa with all her 28 or more children playing happily and harmoniously around the cornucopia at her feet. By contrast some British leaders had a dream of a newly invigorated Brittania, refreshed after a long slumber, with a brightly burnished shield and sharpened trident standing at the side of a moat and stabbing at a crowd of frogs, toads, snakes and other slippery serpents who were trying to invade her green and prosperous land. Which, if either, offthe drems was inspired by God and what happens next in the two dreams?

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