Advertising – seeking advice

You may think that you’ve heard quite enough about “The Servant’s Voice”, and next week I will indeed go on to something else, I promise. But given that part of the purpose of this blog is unashamedly to promote my books, I’m assuming a fairly...


Names in Ricossa and elsewhere, by SS

Regular readers of this blog's comments section will have become familiar with the thoughtful and thorough contributions of Stephen Sheridan. He somehow discovered the website and the concept of SWM in December 2017, and has been encouraging me and it ever since. His entry for...


Competition deadline extended by two days

Dear friendly readers. I have decided to extend your opportunity of naming a character in "The Servant's Voice" until the end of  Monday 2nd July. The naming rules are here: but if you ignore them I can always adapt your suggestion! Love from the PPI Blogger, back from Italy...


Naming people in Ragaris

I apologise for the lack of a post last Friday - it was a busy weekend. The party to celebrate “The Tenth Province of Jaryar” was a very happy occasion, for me anyway, and I took the opportunity to announce a competition, which you are all...


Horatius, Haymon and the Darkest Hour

Last Saturday I watched the film “Darkest Hour”, starring Gary Oldman. It covers a few days in 1940 at the beginning of Winston Churchill’s premiership, when France was about to fall, and many in the Cabinet felt Britain should enter peace negotiations with Hitler. (Spoiler:...