We Do Not Kill Children

Dorac is convicted of the murder of three children (“Five years old, the youngest.  Five years old!”) and sent into exile.  His leader and friend Gemara has forty days to prove his innocence.  And to find out what other secrets lie behind the killings at Ferrodach.



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The Tenth Province of Jaryar

The King of Jaryar is dying without children. In an effort to avoid civil war, a great Council is called to elect his successor, to take place in the vassal state of Haymon, “country of flowers and cowards”. Each side’s delegates make eloquent speeches to persuade voters – but bribery, blackmail and murder are also part of the process.

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The Servant's Voice - Out on 5th November!

When Hridnaya was twelve years old, she became a Voiceless servant to the powerful b’Nida family. Eighteen years later, she’s not unhappy with her life, until she decides to investigate her uncle’s mysterious and violent death. She can’t read, write, or talk – but this doesn’t stop her meddling in deep politics, and getting in enormous trouble.

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